Family Photo Session

How long is my photo session and what is the cost?

We would have arranged in advance your session start and end time, it will be on an hourly basis. The price is £100 per hour.

How many photos can we do in this time?

In 1 hour you can do 2-3 changes and around 300 photos. If you require more looks than 2-3 or need more time to change please book 1.5 or 2 hours

is retouchiong included?

No rertouching is not included but 90% of the time the photos are fine straight from camera. Any retouching is based on time £75 per hour

Can I get to the studio early to set up

No your session time includes 5 minutes set up time and 5 minutes pack away time as you are charged for all time in the studio. When booking you should allow for time to get ready and to leave as I will have other jobs before and after so we have to be punctual.

If I am early can I wait in the studio?

Sorry there is no waiting are in studio so if you are early please grab a coffee and come to the studio at the correct time.

If I am late and call can we start later?

Sorry but if you are late for whatever reason the charge time will still start from the arranged time due to the studio cost for the session. Please be prepared and come early and wait nearby rather than being late.